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Sharronne Swann

Senior Recruiter

Sharronne Swann, Senior Recruiter with Partners Staffing has spent the last 15 years with the largest global leader in the HR industry. With a passion for helping people, she quickly grew to love recruiting while assisting clients in finding the perfect candidate, adding stability and growth to their organization as well as assisting candidates in identifying the right organization as they navigate major life decisions and find fulfilling positions. 

As a multiple President Club winner, Sharronne has managed mid-sized to large organizations, ranging from 20 million to 600 million in annual revenue with 80% falling under non-profit /NGO, also partnering with law firm services, financial services, real estate, and property management. Her area of focus has been strongly centered around Accounting & Finance, while also assisting in the areas of Human Resources and Technology. 

Sharronne’ s passion allows her to see the big picture, understanding my candidates career goals and understanding them on a personal level, as well as her client's organization and industry both technical and tangible and then connecting the dots.

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