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Molly Klein


Molly Klein joined Partners as a Recruiter in October 2020.  New to the staffing industry, Molly brings her lifetime of experience to the team.  While sourcing candidates, she has a unique eye for identifying strong candidates who might not exactly fit the precise description but who show the desire to stretch, learn and improve their position.  Bringing a fresh set of eyes to the team helps Partners think outside of the box and bring a new perspective for both our candidates and clients.

Molly is a lifelong Annapolitan and has held positions in the Finance, Office Administration and Hospitality industries; allowing her to gain a wide breadth of experience. She says her time in the Hospitality industry is where she “learned to love people and their journeys”.  Being a recruiter at Partners Staffing, she has a knack for finding great talent, truly listening to her candidates and coaching people on their own journey.

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